Lifeguard Stands

No Pool Is Complete Without One!

Impress your family, friends, and neighbors with custom-built lifeguard stands by CTS Designs. These stands are built in the same manner as our tiki bars. Their sturdiness and durability make these stands the perfect touch to complement any pool, beach or lake – whether it is at your home or business. In addition, they all come with a cup and umbrella holder for your Lifeguard’s comfort.


They are available in two sizes – Standard stands 53″ tall with a seat at 32″ high, and the Large stands 60″ with a seat at 41″ high. Whether sitting in the tropics, the Jersey Shore, country club, apartment complex, or in a backyard the view is amazing from one of these beautiful stands.

Popular color options are the traditional white stand with red lettering or red stand with white lettering and of course the standard lifeguard cross. However, as with any of our other designs, these stands can be customized to any color combination and personalized to your specifications. Names, Places, Designs, Colors… we can even take one of our signature shark bites out of your stand for that distinctive flair. Since we are talking about lifeguard stands, we will say, “the ocean is the limit!”

With so many options to choose from, come on in and take home one of the stands we have already built for you and are available for immediate sale, or we will get to work designing your custom stand!