Palm Trees

Tropical Paradise

Our artificial palm trees are the most durable on the market thanks to our design advantage.   They are created with distinctive and natural-looking palm fronds and they feature detailed life rings on the trunk.  These trees were featured on the television show, “How It’s Made.”    They will provide a realistic tropical and spectacular look for any property. We have the perfect palm tree to fit your landscape.

Historically, palm trees have symbolized victory, peace, and fertility. Today they are often associated with tropical locales and warm climates, vacations, and relaxing on the beach. Palm trees are the quintessential image of relaxation, vacations, and elegance. From these associations, artificial Palm trees can elicit feelings of calm and relaxation in a variety of settings, providing balance to our fast-paced and busy lives.


Below are some photographs of palm trees we have planted for our customers.  Call or come see us for more details.