About Paradise Tiki Bars

A Love for Paradise, a Life-Long Passion

Stephen’s original venture – Capture the Southwest – was born in 1992 after Stephen left a successful corporate manager’s position in the commercial contracting trade to open his store. Capture the Southwest embraced Stephen’s love for the Southwest and featured custom handcrafted furniture and home décor which highlighted the southwest. After working hard to “capture” a loyal customer base, Stephen listened to his customers’ demands and went to work creating his second line of custom furniture – Capture the Seashore. As the name implies, Capture the Seashore highlighted the beauty of nature along our coastline. Which then evolved into becoming known as Paradise Tiki Bars, a division of CTS Designs.

Customers went crazy for the second-generation CTS Designs and created special places to relax and unwind and to escape with their purchases. Stephen’s customers wanted more and he listened… As a result, he introduced his newest line to help them create their special places at home. The very best of “Stay”cations start with a Tiki Bar purchased from CTS Designs.